Since its inception in 1979, our company has constantly manufactured bottle cap machines, producing
excellent quality bottles cap machines that meet the needs of customers.

We specialize in manufacturing aluminum bottle cap machine and have abundant experience in the global market. Also, cooperate with the customer from the birth of an idea until the final solution.

We are steadily trying to keep abreast to the high technology level and to obtain the superior position
in the world market.

For more than 40 years, we have exported machines to several countries such as the United States, Japan, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Russia.

In addition to these abroad countries, many domestic companies are using our machines.

By providing goods and relevant services, we are contributing to improvement international competitiveness
of related domestic industries as well as to the enhancement of our customer's life quality.

Today, All companies around the world are dependent on rapid globalization and are entering into the era
of competitions.

Without resting on our laurels, we are able to do our best to secure new talent as well as develop new technologies and continuously innovate management, becoming a company that can meet the demands
of our customers.

All staff members and I are exerting our best efforts to achieve the management goal.

Thank you very much & Best regards.