This machine is a machine that cut the aluminum sheets to fit a certain size. It has an auto grainding system that can cutting a printed AL-SHEET into a fixed size.

Because there is an auxiliary auto-grinding function, the user does not have to take the blades out for grinding.

There are two revolving of circular blades on the upper and lower sides of a moving plate that can be regulated for cutting to control the width size.


This machine is an automatic aluminum press machine that creates the shape of cap by pressing the AL sheets after the aluminum cutting process.
It features an automatic press checking system which can change to automatic, manual, and time-controlled modes.

Before operating, the cut aluminum plates can be loaded into a carrying plate, and it automatically moves to the next process.

At this time, it checks the condition of the press and trimming state. After the auto checking process, if there are not only problems, it converts the S/W.


This machine is a machine that makes its form by pressing the caps aligned by HOPPER. It has a press equipment in which the revolving by revolution TOOL makes the CAM operate.

Also, it has a self control funtion to allow stopping without products and without removing the pressed product because the motor also has a brake, when it detects and inferior product, it immediately stops working.

The TOOL designed for easy assembly and disassembly, is especially designed to control detail regulation.


This machine is a machine that extends the length of the cap
by pressing through steps 2 or 3.
The machine is designed to produce a long cap such as whiskey, vodka, and wine.

We design and develop tooling for draw, redraw, trimming,
extrusion to meet customer's requirement.

At our technically sound production unit, the offered machine is
manufactured under the vigilance of our deft professionals with the aid of contemporary techniques.

Main Products
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JOONG SAN is the only company today able to supply complete lines
for the production of caps including draw, redraw, side decoration,
roll-forming, top and side embossing, side shaving, as well as wad,
liner and plastic pourer inserting.

Our machines are designed to facilitate customer operation and improve
productivity. It is fully automatic and its operation is very simple.

With our production speed up to 400~450 caps per minute, the line is
one of the fastest in the world today.

Change parts are available for different size of caps and bottle diameter.

Products are manufactured through various processes. Refer to Product flow sheets for more information.
How is an Aluminium ROPP cap made?

ROPP closures are made from a flat sheet of aluminium which then goes into
a punching machine to give it its shape.

The closures are put into a bulk hopper. The closures are then either blown by
an air blower or a conveyor into the chute hopper.

When the closures are in the chute hopper they are turned the correct way
by a rotary disc or by vibration they are then fed down the capper chute
upside down.

The closures are turned as they go through the chute so they are the correct way
up to be picked up by the container as it passes through the chute pickup.
What is a pourer insert in an Aluminium ROPP closure?

A Pourer insert is a 2 part pre-assemble made of HDPE that is inserted into a shell of a closures and retained by the retaining ring. A special bottle neck finish is required to retain the pourer during application.
What is a LongCap (LC) and how are they made?

The LongCap is an aluminium screw cap closure and is deep-drawn from offset-printed aluminium sheets that are 0.22 to 0.24 mm thick.

The deep-drawing takes place in two steps, in case of LC 30 x 60 mm in three steps.
In the process, the aluminium is stretched so much that a print design on the side would no longer be recognizable.

That's why a special side print method, similar to that for tubes, sleeves, etc., is used.

Particular attention is given to the quality of this side print, since it also serves as an advertisement later
when the product is on the shelf.
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