Features Specification
     Plastic              P.E              P.P
                    Automatic Feeder
     Paper         Aluminum        Sponge
      20mm           40mm           60mm
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All machines, which we produce, are engineered so that they work
under automatic working regime.

At the beginning (input) they automatically take and fill up the
cap with particular or selected liner and at the end (output) they control the
suitability of products and eliminate the unsuitable one.

The machine also automatically count and warn to the operator on
all changes trough working period including with signals of short of
packaging or packing material.
Benefits – What are the benefits of induction sealing?

Induction sealing has many benefits such as:

-  Extends shelf life by giving products long-lasting freshness

-  Prevents leaking and therefore reduces complaints from the end-user

-  Reduces packaging weight

-  Protection from counterfeiting and tampering

-  Increased productivity compared to other methods of sealing
   such as conduction
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1. Automatic liner cutting and inserting have replaced manual work, which
   substantially raises the work efficiency.

2. Liner inserting features good accuracy, high speed and high efficiency;
   the bottom is smooth when the liner is stamped into the cap without
   upwarp; Finished products have good appearance
   and standardized quality.

3. The machine will stop automatically when there is no material feeding:
   the machine alarms and stops automatically when there is no cap
   on the cap conveyor belt or when there is no reeled liner material.

4. The machine has automatic count function. The machine can stop
   automatically according to the set number of caps, or an outlet direction
   converter of conveyor belt can be equipped; when the number of caps
   reaches that set by the user, the converter will automatically convert the
   outlet to another box.

5. The operation of the machine is controlled by imported PLC, with
   touch screen operation and people-oriented design. All functions can be
   operated and set on the touch screen, simple and convenient.

6. The material conveying length can be adjusted as the liner adopts reeled
   raw material. Adjustment based on different liner materials can save
   the material. When the material is conveyed to the cutting and inserting
   mechanism of the machine, liner cutting and inserting at the same time,
   and the liner will be inserted to the cap on a one-off basis.
7. Through our company's independent research and development,
   the whole machine is designed with mechanical transmission,
   and parts have applied pneumatic accessories. The design of
   automatic lubrication system guarantees stable operation of
   the machine and prolongs its service life.

8. When caps are of different sizes, the replacement of liner
   stamping mould, turn plate is simple and convenient.

9. The machine is an automatic packaging device designed and
   manufactured by our factory in strict accordance with national GMP
   standard and technological requirements.

Our safe and sanitary products can avoid secondary pollution of
materials and omit the sterilization process, especially suitable for occasions with strict sanitary requirements.
Customers can select multiple types of seals depending on their intended use.

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